Influx Measurements

At Influx Measurements Ltd., our prowess lies in the realm of flow meter design and manufacturing, as well as the production of fluid instruments and accessories. With a comprehensive understanding and profound knowledge of our industry, we are well-equipped to cater to the distinct requirements of our esteemed clientele. Our repertoire comprises an extensive array of meticulously crafted products, ranging from standardized options to tailor-made solutions.

One of our key differentiators is the invaluable guidance we provide to our customers during the product selection process, ensuring that they procure the most fitting solutions to suit their needs. To augment our capabilities, we house a pioneering Research and Development department, ceaselessly engrossed in the pursuit of novel product innovations and holistic problem-solving.

To sustain our standing in today’s competitive market, Influx has made consistent investments in both proficient personnel and state-of-the-art technical facilities. These strategic endeavors fortify our ability to uphold unrivaled quality standards while remaining at the forefront of competitiveness.

The inception of INFLUX dates back to 1998, and since then, we have garnered an impressive roster of prestigious clients. Our reach extends across more than 50 countries, wherein we have successfully tackled an array of challenging projects. Testament to our commitment to excellence, we acquired ISO 9001 accreditation and LPCB approval for our Fire Sprinkler products in 1999. As a mark of our distinction, we are prominently featured in the LPCB Red Book and FM Approval listings. Additionally, we proudly maintain our membership in BAFSA.

A significant milestone in our journey occurred in 2012 when we relocated to our modern and bespoke factory in Hampshire. This strategic move not only facilitated the expansion of our technical infrastructure but also enabled us to deliver top-tier products with remarkably short lead times.

At Influx Measurements Ltd., we stand as unrivaled experts in the design and manufacture of flow meters. Our offerings, whether off-the-shelf or customized, are exquisitely engineered to cater to the diverse range of gases and liquids encountered in various applications.

Manotherm are exclusive dealers for Influx Measurements in Ireland, and we have extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Influx Measurements product range.

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