Ametek Drexelbrook

Ametek Drexelbrook has gained worldwide recognition as a frontrunner in level assessment technology. a well-deserved reputation for excellence has been built over more than fifty years, during which have offered cutting-edge level solutions to practically every industry, encompassing the likes of chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water, and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and numerous others.

Our esteemed position is a result of a distinctive blend of application proficiency, inventive product design, and a wide range of technological offerings.

Drexelbrook took the lead in and continues to make advancements in, RF admittance-level instrumentation. Presently, also provide superior ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic, radar, and TDR instrumentation. This all-encompassing product portfolio empowers us to furnish customers with the finest level or open channel flow measurement solution for any given application, no matter how basic or intricate it may be.

  solemnly promise to consistently offer customers the most optimal recommendation by utilizing the measurement technology that best suits their specific needs.

Today, Drexelbrook operates as a constituent of the Ametek Level Measurement Solutions business unit, which in turn is a division of AMETEK Inc.

Manotherm is the exclusive dealer for Drexelbrook in Ireland and has extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Drexelbrook product range.

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