Level indicators

Detect and measure the level of a liquid within a tank with level indicators. Used to measure level include floats, pressure or depth sensors, ultrasonic detection

Fluid level indicators are also called hydraulic level indicators. They can be used to check the fluid level in tanks or other hydraulic systems. The system is fitted with level indicators or level gauges, which are usually equipped with a window that shows the fluid level.

Hydraulic level indicators:

There are many different liquid level indicators available for various applications. Others display additional information such as a thermometer or gauge to show the temperature. There are three main types:

  • A column level indicator uses a transparent panel to show the fluid level on a scale. The length of column level indicators varies depending on what scales they can measure. Scale lengths can range from 30 mm up to 200 mm. The scale length you choose will depend on the application.
  • Sight glasses are transparent windows that are attached to tanks as visual level indicators. Oil level sight glass are an easy way to check the oil level, but they do not have a scale. Sight glasses are usually attached to the system via a rubber-sealed threaded connection. Some oil level indicators feature a metal screen with a contrast and a level for easy measurement.

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