Level Controllers


Level Controllers

Manotherm are based in Dublin and are a leading supplier of Level Controls and Instrumentatio  in Ireland. We supply a large range of Level indicators, transmitter and switches  including  Seetru Liquid level gauges,.  Bindicator rotary level switches , Float level Switches,  Drexelbrook level switches and transmitters with no moving parts.

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What is a Level Control?

The level controller is an automated unit that measures the fluid levels in a closed area. These controllers are used to monitor, regulate, and control liquid levels in order to prevent them from getting too high or low.

What is the function of level controllers?

The sensor measures the level of liquids or solids by supplying low voltage current to electrodes. The liquid breaks contact with electrodes when it rises or drops, which then sends a message to an external control device, such as a solenoid or control valve. The control valve will adjust the fluid level based on the information received.

Different types of level controllers

Electric and pneumatic level controllers are the two most common types. The type of controller you choose will depend on the fluid density and type being measured as well as container pressure.

  • When electricity is not available or the material is hazardous pneumatic level controllers should be used.
  • Electric level controllers can be used in tanks that are pressurised and are usually very accurate.

The level controllers can measure fluids either by volume or by the amount of liquid that drops above or beneath a fixed point.

Applications of Level Controllers

The Level Controller can be used for a number of different settings.

  • Level Control for Tanks or Vessels
  • Reboilers
  • Heat Treats
  • Contact Towers
  • Well Test Systems

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