What is a temperature controller?

Temperature controllers are used in industrial settings to monitor and control temperature, but also flow, pressure, speed and other variables.

A controller receives input from a sensor such as a RTD or thermocouple to implement a precise temperature control process. The actual temperature is compared with the desired temperature and an output is sent to a control device such as a fan or heater that decides on how much heating or cooling to do to get it back to processing temperature. The temperature can be displayed using a Thermostat.

Types of temperature controller

Depending on the process or application, there are different types of temperature controllers to choose from.

PID Temperature Control

A process controller which can be switched on and off, using a mathematical formula that calculates the difference between the desired setpoint temperature and the current process temperature. This ensures the process temperature stays as close as possible to the setpoint. PID controllers can be used to deal with disturbances in the process that may have a negative impact on the quality or the product being measured.

Temperature controller with On/Off switch

Simple temperature control devices are On-Off temperature controllers, also called signallers. When the temperature exceeds the pre-set optimal, output is switched off. The output is switched on when the temperature drops below the pre-set optimal.

Temperature controller with proportional control

– Increase or decrease power in proportion to the difference between the process temperature at the moment and the desired range of temperatures. This proportional control is usually only used within a certain range of temperatures either side of a setpoint. It’s designed to eliminate cycling that comes with an on/off controller.

Peltier Module Controller

Peltier module temperature controllers are designed to control thermoelectric assemblies in a reversible manner, based on the direction of current flow. These controllers are compact and fast, and ideal for applications requiring precise temperature control.

Applications of Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers are used in many industries due to their versatility, reliability and extensive uses.

  • Furnace temperature control and batch temperature control
  • Curing and conditioning various sheet materials
  • Thermo-critical drying processes and evaporation
  • Heat treatment and tempering industrial parts and equipment
  • Medical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Development
  • Food Production and Preparation