Aplisens stands proudly as a distinguished pioneer in the realm of process instrumentation, renowned for its unwavering commitment to crafting instruments of the utmost quality. The company’s inception dates back to 1992, with its main factory and headquarters strategically situated in the vibrant city of Warsaw. Since its inception, Aplisens has remained steadfast in its focus on electronic pressure and differential pressure measurement technology. Throughout its journey, the core principles of the company have always revolved around delivering exceptional quality, fostering remarkable flexibility, and providing competent customer support.

Within the realm of industrial measurement and control instrumentation and automation, the APLISENS Group shines as a dominant force, celebrated for its integrated solutions. As a provider and manufacturer, the company offers an extensive range of top-tier devices meticulously crafted for pressure measurement, regulation, and processing. These devices find wide application across numerous industries, spanning from power engineering to the chemical, refinery, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. Aplisens prides itself on the global distribution of its products, reaching both domestic and international markets. Bolstering its manufacturing capabilities are six strategically located plants across Poland. Aplisens leverages its competitive edge through the development of high-quality products infused with advanced technology, meticulously designed within the company’s own esteemed design offices. Moreover, the Aplisens Group boasts an experienced, highly-qualified project team dedicated to extensive research and development endeavors. As a result, products bearing the esteemed Aplisens brand epitomize tailored flexibility, seamlessly aligning with the unique requirements of diverse industries.

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