For over nine decades, Aquametro Oil & Marine has stood at the forefront as a reputable manufacturer and supplier, providing an extensive array of measurement, optimization, and monitoring solutions catering to a diverse range of fluid applications aboard ships, vehicles, and industrial settings.

            The comprehensive portfolio encompasses all over a hundred distinct oil fuel meters and cutting-edge management systems, meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of ships, transport vehicles, and heavy machinery prevalent in the shipping and industrial sectors and are widely acknowledged as authorities in the realm of viscosity measurement and control, as pioneers in the development of measurement, monitoring, and management systems dedicated to fuel performance, fuel blending, and fuel switching units. Additionally,  offerings extend to encompass flowmeters and dosing units specifically tailored for specialized fluids.

With headquarters situated in Therwil, Switzerland, and Rostock, Germany, Aquametro Oil & Marine operates with utmost dedication.  also established a prominent presence in Singapore, catering to the Asian market. Bolstering global reach, maintaining subsidiaries in South Korea and China, alongside representation offices in India and Japan. Complementing an expansive network is a vast global service infrastructure and a multitude of sales partners spanning the globe. This ensures that are fully equipped to provide seamless, professional, and solution-driven support to meet your specific needs.

Manotherm is the exclusive dealer for Aquametro in Ireland and has extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Aquametro product range.

Whether your query relates to Supply, Servicing, or a query about the technical aspects of the product Contact Manotherm.