Introducing Bindicator®, your ultimate source for comprehensive point and continuous level sensors tailored for industrial applications. With a rich heritage dating back to 1936, our cutting-edge bin level indicators have revolutionized the dry bulk industry by averting overflow spills, managing surge bins, identifying obstructions in chutes, and delivering precise on/off control for pumps and conveyors. Our unwavering commitment to user satisfaction drives us to engineer and manufacture top-notch products that ensure seamless installation and calibration. Furthermore, our level instruments are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique requirements of each customer’s most demanding applications.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled level measurement capabilities with Bindicator® as we present a diverse portfolio of both point and continuous level measurement solutions. Our esteemed point level products encompass the remarkable Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO paddlewheel and the cutting-edge VRFII® Series capacitance probe. Equipped with relay or switch outputs, these on/off devices diligently signal the presence or absence of material within a vessel at precise points. Renowned for their durability, simplicity, and minimal maintenance requirements, these devices offer effortless installation and setup procedures.

For continuous level measurement needs, Bindicator® presents an array of groundbreaking solutions that continuously monitor material levels as they fluctuate. Experience the extraordinary precision of our TDR2000 guided wave radar, the versatility of our Yo-Yo™ Series cable and weight system, and the unparalleled accuracy of our MP Series through-air radar. These innovative products provide unrivaled insights into material levels within vessels, ensuring efficient operations and optimal inventory management.

Choose Bindicator® as your trusted partner in level measurement technology, and unlock a world of exceptional products engineered to surpass your expectations.

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