DP Measurement
DP Measurement was established in August 1991 in Oxford, UK and, with the know-how of the MP range of Micromanometers, it was clearly established that a simple but effective and a quality instrument would satisfy a market need. Hence the AP Series of Micromanometers were launched in late 1991. This particular model fulfilled the demand but there was still room for improvement. Hence the new model the TT Series, was launched in 1996.

The primary object of this particular model was: simple to use, portable, can be used as a wall mounted or pressure transmitter, can be orientated at any angle and not alter the calibration of the instrument and accurate readings at low pressures, high pressures and velocities.

Over the course of time the TT Series Micromanometers have been improved and updated and have been proven in various markets not only in the United Kingdom but also in Europe and globally.