DRAGO Automation GmbH

Since its establishment in 2002, DRAGO Automation GmbH has been devoted to the production and provision of top-notch signal converters. mission revolves around delivering highly resilient and trustworthy components for automation technology, catering to both standard demands and customized solutions to meet distinct needs.

Our ultimate goal is to empower valued customers with enhanced economic efficiency. With a standardized DRAGO device concept and universally adaptable measurement range conversion, utilizing devices in various applications becomes effortlessly achievable, and their availability spans across the globe. Incorporating exceptional DRAGO switching techniques, employing protective DRAGO components, and employing specialized programming methods ensure unparalleled durability, safety, and reliability for your applications – all endorsed by a steadfast 5-year DRAGO warranty.

Clients from diverse industries have bestowed their trust upon us, relying on personal accessibility and profound expertise to receive competent advice regarding their measurement technology requirements. employ cutting-edge precision technologies for production and adopt modern quality management practices, thus consistently striving for self-improvement on your behalf. Together, will uncover the optimal solution: DRAGO – a synthesis of simplicity and dependability.