Flow-Mon Ltd came into existence back in 1971 as a manufacturer and distributor of Flow Rate Indicators and Flow Switches. They specialize in crafting economical, sturdy, and dependable flow monitoring and switch instrumentation that caters to both safe and hazardous areas.

Offering a diverse array of flow meters, ranging from straightforward and budget-friendly visual sight flow indicators to high-capacity flanged units for heavy industrial usage, Flow-Mon ensures that they have a solution suitable for various applications within the process control industry and the broader market.

Their product range is ideally suited for deployment in the oil, water, gas, petrochemical, automotive, mining, and power generation sectors.

Flow-Mon designs and produces liquid and gas flow units that can accommodate process connections of up to 12 inches. These units are not only resistant to chemicals but also highly accurate. Moreover, they can be equipped with multiple switch options, pulse outputs, and totalizers, making them suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Every single unit is meticulously manufactured and built according to precise specifications within Flow-Mon’s factory. They possess distinct expertise in creating tailor-made units that align with individual and non-standard specifications, and they warmly welcome the opportunity to tackle new applications.

Having been in the industry for nearly half a century, Flow-Mon has cultivated a reliable network of global distributors who contribute to the operation and export of 80% of their products worldwide. Their sales have been on a steady growth trajectory, consistently exceeding 8000 units each year.

Flow-Mon operates from their expansive 950m2 factory situated in the beautiful Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. Their facilities are equipped with a wide range of CNC machines, as well as calibration, welding, and fabrication capabilities, enabling them to handle various types of instruments with short lead times.

With its extensive experience spanning nearly five decades, Flow-Mon has made substantial investments in continuously improving and developing its product range. They leverage the latest technology and engineering practices, as well as quality management principles, to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

The Flow-Mon team remains dedicated to ongoing development, ensuring top-notch quality, and promptly satisfying customer requirements by providing effective flow solutions.

Manotherm is the exclusive dealer for Flow-Mon in Ireland and has extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Flow-Mon product range.

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