Gemini Tiny Tag Dataloggers

Gemini manufacturer, has been producing the Tinytag series of data loggers since 1992. These loggers offer a cost-effective solution for building monitoring, focusing on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and single or three-phase power usage. By connecting the battery-powered loggers to a PC through a USB connection, users can effortlessly download the data and view it using the user-friendly Tinytag Explorer software.

Since its inception, Gemini has expanded its product range significantly. In 1993, they introduced a relative humidity logger, followed by the pioneering Tinytag and Tinyview loggers in 1994 and 1996, respectively. During this period, Gemini Data Loggers experienced notable growth, successfully exporting to Japan in 1994, as well as other countries in the Pacific Rim like Australia in 1995, India and South Africa in 1996.

Today, Gemini Data Loggers operates globally, with a robust network of over 40 distributors. The Tinytag brand has gained recognition for its exceptional quality, reliability, and value for money. As a result, Tinytags are widely used across various industries and applications worldwide. Furthermore, all Tinytag products come with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition to manufacturing data loggers, Gemini designs all Tinytag hardware, firmware, and software in-house. This approach allows for meticulous quality control and provides the flexibility to address customer requirements promptly. Gemini Data Loggers takes pride in its innovative designs and remains committed to ongoing product development, allocating 10% of its revenue to this endeavor. While the extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes satisfies most needs, Gemini’s engineering team possesses the capability to develop tailored solutions for specific applications.

To uphold high standards, Gemini Data Loggers employs a comprehensive Business Management System (BMS) that includes a Quality and Environmental Policy aligned with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Tinytags are particularly suited for indoor monitoring due to their flexibility, compact size, and wireless nature. They can be used for short periods to troubleshoot specific areas or deployed over extended periods across multiple locations to gather comprehensive data. If necessary, data from loggers monitoring different environmental parameters can be integrated to provide an overall performance analysis of a building.

Tinytags find widespread use in various settings such as residential buildings, offices, schools, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Their applications include:

  • Recording environmental conditions to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Ensuring the comfort and well-being of occupants.
  • Monitoring the effects of different building materials, such as loft or wall insulation.
  • Validating the performance of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.
  • Monitoring temperature-sensitive goods in storage.

The Tinytag carbon dioxide data logger is specifically designed to monitor indoor air quality, ensuring proper ventilation and preventing the accumulation of CO2, which can adversely affect concentration levels and potentially lead to health issues.

For power-intensive premises, the Tinytag Energy Logger is the ideal solution to monitor single and three phase power usage. It serves both spot-checking purposes and long-term recording, making it a valuable tool for complying with energy management requirements such as ESOS and ISO 50001. The Energy Logger enables monitoring of individual equipment, creation of consumption profiles, tracking electrical distribution, and providing sub-metering information.

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