Gems Sensors & Controls

The captivating saga of Gems Sensors & Controls commenced six decades ago in 1955, when the visionary entrepreneur, Edward H. Moore, conceived a level indicator in the depths of his basement. This groundbreaking invention secured its patent in 1959. Collaborating with his partner, Gordon Seigle, they established the Gems Company, aptly named as a blend of their initials (GS for Gordon Seigle and EM for Ed Moore).

Gems’ initial triumph materialized in the form of a bilge switch catering to the burgeoning small boating industry. The swift and enthusiastic adoption of Gems’ pioneering products across marine and industrial sectors propelled a ceaseless expansion of their facilities and workforce. The humble 6,500 sq. ft. building in Plainville, Connecticut, USA, metamorphosed into a sprawling establishment spanning 60,000 sq. ft.

Presently, Gems crafts and fabricates a diverse array of liquid level, flow switches, and pressure switches, alongside sensors, transducers, miniature solenoid valves, and pre-assembled fluidic systems. As a division of the illustrious Fortive Corporation, a prominent Fortune 500 enterprise with a global footprint, Gems Sensors & Controls operates manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. Furthermore, they extend comprehensive support through sales, engineering, and service offices worldwide. With Gems at your side, your design and manufacturing needs will find steadfast assistance, no matter where you reside.

Unveiling the Gems Sensors & Controls Edge

An Unparalleled Advantage

Gems bestow its clientele with personalized attention, engineering expertise, and unwavering technical support to mitigate developmental risks, enhance comprehension of design intricacies, and promptly discern optimal solutions. Drawing upon decades of application engineering, they possess the insight and acumen to swiftly prototype, construct, and deliver components, sub-assemblies, or systems tailor-made to your critical requirements.

Research and development teams painstakingly simulate real-world application environments, subjecting their creations to rigorous environmental testing. Each fluidic component and sub-assembly undergoes meticulous individualized design and 100% pre-testing, ensuring suitability for specific applications—ranging from liquid and pneumatic systems to cryogenic, high-temperature, vacuum, or high-pressure setups. Experience has honed their discernment regarding technologies and product attributes that furnish effective resolutions to customers’ predicaments.

Probably, Gems has previously encountered the exact design criteria on which you are currently working, and thus, they might possess an off-the-shelf product solution, ready to be deployed. This translates into substantial time and cost savings for you! However, if your application necessitates a bespoke solution, Gems stands prepared to meet your requirements by modifying an existing product or conceiving an entirely new one. Their globally dispersed lean manufacturing facilities facilitate shortened lead times and cost-effective made-to-order systems, precisely when you need them.

With their trailblazing and time-tested design solutions, engineers and project managers rely on Gems to maintain project timelines, often curtailing overall time to market, and regard them as their foremost reservoir of fluidic systems expertise.

An Insight into Manufacturing Philosophy

Driven by a steadfast commitment to lean manufacturing and ISO certification,   have emerged as the preferred partner for OEMs, perpetually striving to surpass the expectations of esteemed customers.   accomplish this through the following means:

Attuning ourselves to the needs and aspirations of customers.   employ a meticulous process known as the “Voice of the Customer” (VOC), which allows us to delve into the crux of the matter, ensuring a thorough understanding of your unique perspectives and requirements from the outset. Only then do embark on the design and manufacturing journey.

Employing a comprehensive methodology to guarantee the fulfillment of all critical parameters. The new Product Introduction Process serves to identify and preempt potential issues, eliminate product and process discrepancies, and ensure that you receive a product of unparalleled quality on every occasion. arsenal includes:

– Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

– Process Capability Studies

– Gauge Capability Studies

– Six Sigma

Leveraging the Gems Sensors & Controls Manufacturing Advantages

  staff facility with a dedicated cadre of experts. a wealth of experience enables us to:

– Operate a streamlined manufacturing operation. Each of approximately 100 finely tuned manufacturing cells is designed to deliver the finest products in the industry with minimal lead times.

– Embrace cutting-edge manufacturing principles, including 5S, Visual Management, Standard Work, and Kanban.

– Implement quality control measures at every stage. All Gems associates are encouraged to halt their processes if they suspect the existence of potential quality issues. Moreover,   have instituted an assertive and ongoing training program, ensuring that associates remain well-versed in the latest technologies, equipment, and problem-solving applications.

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