Hanna Instruments

At Hanna Instruments, specialize in the conceptualization, production, provision, and assistance of a remarkable array of products.

Hanna Instruments is an independently owned consortium that conceives, fabricates, and disperses scientific commodities employed in the assessment of numerous sectors, including Laboratory, Food & Beverage, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and Wastewater.

The establishment originated in Italy during the year 1978 and presently operates from Woonsocket, RI, USA.

Throughout the past forty years, Hanna has established an awe-inspiring global framework, encompassing four production facilities, three centers for research & development, as well as forty-seven dedicated offices for sales and technical support in various countries. The global workforce of Hanna Instruments exceeds 1,500 individuals.

Hanna Instruments ensures that individuals are equipped with an easily understandable, rational approach to fulfill their testing requirements and guarantees the provision of an affordable solution to meet your testing needs.

In the fiercely competitive market of today, Hanna has experienced consistent growth, is firmly rooted in this guiding principle, and consistently allocates resources toward its implementation. commit to investing in research and development to enhance expertise and expand technological capabilities. Concurrently, allocate resources towards enhancing manufacturing facilities, striving for continuous advancements in quality and operational efficiency. Additionally, invest in establishing new sales and technical support offices, fostering closer proximity to valued clientele.

Our guiding principle revolves around catering to customers across the globe, supplying them with pragmatic and cost-effective resolutions for their testing necessities, bolstered by world-class service and support.

Hanna revolutionized the realm of pH testing with the introduction of the pHep® (pH Electronic Paper) pH tester in 1986. Countless individuals were granted the opportunity to conduct pH tests with simplicity, precision, and affordability.

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