Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls International is a multinational conglomerate with its headquarters situated in the picturesque city of Cork, Ireland. This vibrant organization specializes in the production of fire, HVAC, and security equipment, catering to the needs of diverse buildings across the globe. As of mid-2019, Johnson Controls International employed an impressive workforce of 105,000 individuals spread across approximately 2,000 locations spanning six continents.

Back in 2017, the esteemed Fortune Global 500 recognized Johnson Controls International, ranking it at an impressive 389th position. However, due to the relocation of its headquarters outside the United States, the company was no longer eligible for the Fortune 500 in subsequent years. 


The birth of this influential company came about through the momentous merger between the American-based Johnson Controls and Tyco International. This historic union, announced on the 25th of January 2016, not only facilitated the avoidance of taxation on foreign market operations but also brought about substantial financial gains for the then-CEO of Johnson Controls, the remarkable Alex Molinaroli.


Johnson Controls presents an extensive range of HVAC devices and controls worldwide. Our offerings find applications in various settings, such as corporate offices and manufacturing plants, storage facilities and retail stores, educational institutions, and medical centers, as well as residential complexes and hospitality establishments.


A diverse array of solutions and controls stems from a long-standing legacy of ingenuity and proficiency, spanning over a hundred years, tracing back to the visionary pioneer, Warren Johnson, who revolutionized thermostats with his groundbreaking invention. Whether embarking on the construction of a novel establishment or undertaking the revitalization of an existing facility, we deliver cost-effective comfort and sustainable efficiency, tailored to your needs.

With the world’s most extensive portfolio of cutting-edge building technology, software, and services, Johnson Controls stands tall as an industry giant. Complemented by a formidable team of over 100,000 passionate employees operating in 150 countries, this dynamic organization is committed to assisting customers in achieving their sustainability objectives and propelling their noble missions forward.

We have been selling these since 1958 at the time they were called Penn Controls and have extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Johnson Controls product range.

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