Mankenberg control valves

Mankenberg control valves ─

As a prominent fabricator of self-regulating control valves, Mankenberg embraces the heritage of a hands-on industrial enterprise intertwined with inventive flair and entrepreneurial foresight, actively propelling its agile digital metamorphosis. Mankenberg specializes in stainless steel and exclusive materials in the art of deep-drawing processes. The product lineup offers adaptable standard valves and tailor-made bespoke valves, ranging from extensive production runs to limited quantities and personalized manufacturing, all while continuously advancing. In Lübeck,   are charting the course for the times to come.

Consistently reassess process chains, deliberating in terms of problem-solving and aligning them with present-day demands. a dedicated team vigilantly oversees all workflows and skillfully manages the corresponding material and information flows most optimally.

Embracing this philosophy, the acquisition of a cutting-edge cold wire welding apparatus and a state-of-the-art triple-acting hydraulic frame deep-drawing press materializes. This equips Mankenberg with profound expertise and cutting-edge production technology for stamped and deep-drawn components, as well as welding operations, resulting in the finest quality outcomes. This fortifies the company’s capacity to deliver on a robust foundation.

Manotherm is the exclusive dealer of Mankenberg in Ireland and has extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Mankenberg product range.

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