In today’s world, Plants have evolved into intricate and interconnected systems, relying on a multitude of measurements to evaluate their state, identify issues, and anticipate their future condition. Back in the day, having a multimeter was sufficient for troubleshooting electrical panels. However, with the advent of digital electronics, networked devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), things took a more complex turn. Now,   require advanced tools and techniques capable of detecting and capturing events that manifest in intricate patterns.

When it comes to troubleshooting electro-pneumatic systems responsible for managing various production tasks, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance. Valves and sensors are interconnected in manifolds, and detecting air leaks among them can be an insurmountable challenge without the assistance of an ultrasonic leak detector. Pneumatic actuators pose an even greater hurdle due to their mobility.

Managing and preventing air leaks within a plant has now become a top priority. These leaks not only lead to significant financial losses but also contribute to the overall cost of manufacturing any given product. Detecting air leaks helps conserve energy, prevents unnecessary operation of compressors, dryers, filters, and distribution networks, and most importantly, reduces the facility’s carbon footprint.

To effectively manage a plant, one needs tangible figures and measurable processes. If something cannot be measured, it cannot be controlled, improved, or managed. Plant managers must be aware of not only the current condition of the entire plant or crucial machinery but also have insights into their future state. After all, the reputation and brand image of a company depends on its ability to deliver high-quality products within the stipulated timeframe and budget. Taking on a substantial order from a key client without knowing the condition of your plant is akin to embarking on a long road trip with an unserviced car of uncertain mechanical condition. In the past, maintenance was viewed as a burden and an afterthought for plant operators. It was regarded as a cost, a problem, and a constant headache rather than a source of profit.

At PlantScan, firmly believe that maintenance should be perceived as a profit center. Investing in smart and controllable maintenance practices can save thousands more in terms of unplanned downtime. Downtime costs far exceed the expenses associated with parts and labor. It leads to lost production, wasted raw materials, decreased profits, and dissatisfied customers. Ultimately, it damages your brand name.

While these concepts may be somewhat familiar to some, it is astonishing how many individuals tend to overlook them. The condition of machines can be likened to a puzzle picture, where each piece holds equal importance and is indispensable in completing the overall image.

At PlantScan, the approach revolves around collecting and organizing these puzzle pieces of machinery, enabling you to perceive the broader picture. Among the crucial pieces are ultrasonic inspection, temperature measurement, and fluid analysis.

Ultrasonic inspection serves as a vital puzzle piece and encompasses the following areas:

– Detection of compressed air leaks

– Detection of leaks in compressed gases

– Leak detection in vacuum systems

– Identification of steam trap leaks

– Detection of rolling bearing wear

– Assessment of lubrication condition

– Assistance in lubrication application (helping determine when to cease)

Temperature measurement, another crucial puzzle piece, encompasses the following aspects:

– Assessment of steam traps

– Evaluation of bearing temperature for wear analysis

– Bearing temperature assessment for lubrication analysis

– Performance evaluation of HVAC/R systems

The puzzle piece dedicated to lubricant and fluid analysis plays a critical role and encompasses the following:

– Wear analysis

– Examination of lubricant condition

– Detection of contamination

– Troubleshooting

– Detection of failures

To comprehend the overall condition of a machine, it is imperative to understand that each data piece possesses its own unique shape, size, and place within the puzzle. Each piece contributes certain information that, on its own, might indicate a changing condition. However, unless the change is significant, it may not be sufficient to predict the future state accurately.

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