Ralston Instruments

Established in the year 1969 by Doug Ralston, Ralston Instruments stands as a proud, family-owned enterprise with a remarkable heritage of groundbreaking discoveries. In response to the global demand for convenient and accurate methods to calibrate pressure instruments across various industries, Ralston initiated the invention of the very first portable pneumatic pump back in 1969. Following this achievement, they further advanced their contributions by introducing the initial hydraulic hand pump in 1970.

The unwavering dedication to enhancing pressure calibration components endures to this day. In 1993, RI introduced a pioneering, fully integrated system comprising Quick-test™ hoses and adapters. Meticulously engineered to enable low-volume, high-pressure connections with virtually any tested device, this exceptional design ensures secure and time-efficient connections, eliminating the need for wrenches or thread sealants. Ralston’s integrated calibration pressure sources present the ultimate solution for executing differential or static pressure calibrations using either nitrogen or compressed gas.

All Ralston products, including hand pumps, compressed gas control devices, hoses, adapters, and comprehensive calibration kits, are meticulously crafted in the United States, employing superior design principles and manufacturing techniques.

Whenever the task at hand calls for pressure-delivering hand pumps, prompt and fail-safe connections through hoses and adapters, or precise calibration tools, Ralston Instruments offers the most comprehensive pressure calibration solutions, be it within laboratory settings or at remote locations.

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