RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH stands as a company deeply rooted in history, devoted to the realm of rotational speed, an essential variable governing mechanical processes, ever since the year 1901.

A workforce of just over 100 individuals finds employment within the headquarters of the company, situated in the bustling city of Freiburg.

Within the company’s premises, departments dedicated to product development, production, and assembly work diligently to provide swift and ingenious solutions tailored to the distinctive needs of customers.

The extensive lineup of offerings encompasses a diverse array of top-notch solutions primarily focused on rotational speed. These include sensors, portable measuring instruments, rotary encoders, and switching devices.

RHEINTACHO UK Ltd, an esteemed subsidiary of RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH, specializes in the manufacturing of non-electronic measuring instruments, indication devices, as well as tacho generators. Additionally, it serves as a pivotal hub for sales and service operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

RHEINTACHO China assumes the pivotal role of a localized sales and support center, catering to discerning customers seeking genuine RHEINTACHO products. The team at RHEINTACHO China provides prompt application and technical assistance to the vibrant Chinese and Asian clientele. The proficient team is well-versed in Chinese, English, and German languages, ensuring seamless support for local Chinese manufacturers and joint-venture enterprises.

RHEINTACHO Vision Systems S.A.S., headquartered in the scenic town of Buhl, France, proudly joins the esteemed RHEINTACHO Group on April 1st, 2017. This recently established entity, known as RHEINTACHO Vision Systems, came into existence through the acquisition of the esteemed French company, ERGECA (RGK Video Systems). It specializes in the innovative development, production, and sales of cutting-edge camera-based inspection systems.  are delighted to welcome the highly skilled personnel from RGK Video Systems, who bring with them a wealth of market knowledge and years of expertise, fortifying the new company’s foundation. RHEINTACHO Vision System can now leverage the valuable market insights and product expertise amassed over numerous years.

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