Unyielding Dedication: Valve and Command Technology

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems’ products can be discovered in an extensive assortment of fields within the process industry. Whether it is in the fabrication of chemical or medicinal substances, culinary processing, bottle filling, or the production of steel, polymers, paper, or solar cells and tires – in brief, wherever fluidic or vaporous flows require regulation,  will be there for you.

  valves stand among the most proficient on today’s market when it concerns energy consumption, longevity, and acoustic pollution. Their condensed structure and exceptional quality and control precision signify that they are simple to install and maintain.   valves accomplish the identical task as competitors’ products but utilize less material to produce them, making them more environmentally sustainable and considerably lighter.

To preserve this edge, numerous innovative thinkers at Schubert & Salzer dedicate their days to advancing optimization and customization according to client requisites because, in this realm, an off-the-shelf product does not exist –  exclusively provides tailor-made solutions.  are propelled by an unwavering commitment to precision since the security of y  processes is the utmost priority.

The Chronicle of Organization

“Perpetuity through Transformation”

This adage of the establishment’s founders, Carl Schubert, and Bruno Salzer, has remained a recurrent theme throughout the annals of the company, spanning over 140 years. What once commenced as a stocking knitting machine factory in Chemnitz remains discernible within the globally-oriented Schubert & Salzer corporate consortium.

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