Seetru Limited, founded in 1949, set out with a mission to create top-notch liquid level gauges that would enable customers to accurately perceive the actual level, even under the most challenging circumstances.

This commitment to excellence through innovation persisted as the Seetru range of pressure relief devices was introduced. Around 1950, the Seetru Tutchtite-sealing system completely transformed the safety valve market by offering valves that remained leak-free, even after repeated popping at high pressures.

Presently, the Seetru Organization comprises Seetru Limited and Leser UK Limited. It also encompasses Seetru Engineering Services, an operational division of Seetru Limited. This presentation serves as an all-encompassing overview of the full range of available products and services.

Seetru specializes in manufacturing safety relief valves and other specialized ancillary valves for a diverse array of applications, including compressed air, industrial gas, refrigerants, powder, steam, liquid, and liquefied gas. These valves conform to crucial international standards such as BS 6759 Parts 2 & 3, AD-Merkblatt A2, ISO 4126, and ASME Section VIII design codes. They also hold type test approvals from TÜV and the National Board. Furthermore, the products comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and bear the CE mark as well as the UV stamp. They have garnered extensive international approvals, including the EAC (TR CU) customs union certification and declaration (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan), as well as the Canadian CRN.

In addition, Seetru offers an extensive range of specialized valves, primarily catering to the compressed air industry and medium-sized industrial diesel engines. These include minimum pressure valves for screw-type compressors and air starting valves for medium-sized industrial and marine diesel engines.

Seetru’s liquid level gauges primarily come in two types: sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges. While many of the gauges allow direct reading, most also provide optional electronic remote reading systems and computer interfaces. The range encompasses the Quickmount, Seemag, and CPI gauges for industrial and chemical applications, as well as the Seeflex and Seemag for marine applications.

The company boasts a significant design and development department, equipped with TÜV approved testing facilities. This enables Seetru to offer extensive custom design, advisory, and manufacturing services to develop or adapt individual products for new applications.

Seetru Engineering Services (SES) came into official existence in November 1998, building upon Seetru’s accumulated knowledge and expertise in the refurbishment and testing of safety and relief valves for external clients. Since its modest beginnings, SES has experienced substantial growth and evolved into a leading provider of Pressure Safety Valve (and other) services, offering guidance across the UK and globally.

LESER Safety Valves, operating from their Bristol headquarters since 1975, is a part of LESER UK.

LESER provides spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves for a wide range of industrial applications, adhering to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (CE-mark) and ASME VIII Division 1 (UV-Stamp).

Prominent global companies in sectors such as chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, technical gases, LNG/LPG, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, shipbuilding, heating, and air conditioning rely on LESER safety valves.

LESER designs safety valves for the international market in Hamburg and manufactures them in their state-of-the-art facility in Hohenwestedt, Germany. Additionally, LESER produces safety valves conforming to the same standards in India and China for local markets. With twelve subsidiaries and offices across Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as authorized contacts in over 80 countries and authorized repair centers worldwide, LESER ensures knowledgeable customer guidance and prompt, reliable deliveries.

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