SELEC is a company that specializes in industrial automation technology and offers a range of products and solutions for various applications. They provide equipment and devices for line monitoring, protection, control, and measurement in industrial settings. SELEC’s product portfolio includes items such as timers, controllers, monitoring relays, temperature controllers, power meters, and more.

The line monitoring products offered by SELEC are designed to monitor the AC voltage of a system or equipment and protect it from phase loss, phase reversal, or voltage fluctuations. These devices help ensure the stability and safety of electrical systems in industrial environments.

SELEC Controls Pvt. Ltd. is a company that manufactures and distributes industrial automation equipment. They offer catalogs and technical brochures that provide detailed information about their products, helping customers make informed decisions when selecting equipment for their specific needs.

SELEC also operates in the field of measurement and regulation equipment and vehicles. They provide solutions for various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, energy, and more.

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