Simex stands as the unrivaled technological companion for an extensive array of demanding and intricate uses.


Simex merchandise is meticulously crafted and engineered to exhibit unparalleled resilience and exceptional performance.

  attachments are purposefully devised to address specific quandaries of the countless applications they serve, all while ensuring the utmost productivity for end users.

 The production process is guided by an acute cognizance of its role as a bona fide technological collaborator, catering to customers not only in Italy but also across the globe.


Simex’s expertise is fueled by an unwavering vigilance in monitoring pivotal markets.

 The well-established proficiency demonstrated by technical and sales departments originates from a thorough examination of how products can optimally fulfill each unique application scenario. Simex forges products by prioritizing the technical challenges inherent in individual contexts.


Continual investment in research and development serves as an indispensable catalyst for Simex’s triumphs and the pioneering excellence of manufacturing.

 The multitude of patents that Simex has secured throughout the years attests to an unwavering commitment to maintaining and consistently revitalizing innovative leadership. The company ceaselessly generates inventive solutions to meet the diverse and increasingly intricate demands of an ever-evolving market.

Manotherm is the exclusive dealer of Simex in Ireland and has extensive expertise and knowledge of dealing with the full Simex product range.

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