SUTO products are integral to the operations of leading global enterprises, serving as indispensable tools for measuring and monitoring compressed air and gas systems.

Since its establishment in 2005, SUTO, formerly known as CS-iTEC, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovative and dependable measurement technology. With the exception of a few select items, all SUTO products are meticulously developed and manufactured in-house, with an unwavering emphasis on quality and customer advantages. Our concept of service encompasses close customer proximity, bespoke solutions, and rapid responsiveness when required. We accomplish this by maintaining an international presence, with primary hubs in Germany, China, Asia, and the USA, and cultivating enduring partnerships in over 50 countries.

We possess the unique capability to merge the German pursuit of precision and quality with the Asian drive for innovation and agility, four qualities that are indispensable for any industry leader.

SUTO-iTEC GmbH is a multinational corporation that specializes in groundbreaking measurement and monitoring solutions for compressed air and other gases. With manufacturing facilities in both Germany and China, SUTO-iTEC is able to promptly meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide, owing to their commitment to continuous product development. As an engineering-driven company, they constantly challenge conventional wisdom and leverage technology to create exceptional products that deliver outstanding performance.

The SUTO-iTEC range of measuring instruments provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring the quality and consumption of compressed air and gas. This encompasses sensors for dew point, oil vapor concentration, particle concentration, flow, power consumption, pressure, temperature, and air leakage. These sensors are seamlessly integrated with advanced displays, data loggers, and monitoring software, resulting in stand-alone systems that can be fully integrated into plant control systems.

SUTO offers various designs of thermal mass flow sensors to accommodate diverse conditions where flow, consumption, and temperature measurements are critical for process control, efficiency, or custody transfer. Additionally, they provide a pitot tube design that excels in wet air, gas, or steam applications, surpassing the limitations of conventional thermal mass sensors. This particular design is exceptionally well-suited for high-velocity media streams and does not rely on moving parts. Furthermore, SUTO offers a flow direction switch with no mechanical components and an ultrasonic flow meter tailored for liquids, thereby completing their comprehensive flow range.

Oil contamination poses a significant challenge in compressed air and gas systems, manifesting in the form of liquid, aerosol, or vapor. Among these forms, vapor is particularly arduous to monitor and eliminate from the system. To address this issue, SUTO has developed a compact oil vapor sensor that enables continuous testing or periodic auditing. This sensor is available in two configurations: as a remote sensor without a display, or with a display and an integral data logger, enabling standalone monitoring.

Apart from dew point and oil, particle contamination represents the third major element to be monitored in accordance with ISO 8573 standards. To fulfill this requirement, SUTO offers a range of laser particle sensors capable of monitoring various particle size bands, reaching as low as 0.1 microns.

A groundbreaking advancement introduced by SUTO is the S 600, the world’s first truly portable solution for simultaneous measurement and data logging of dew point, oil vapor, and particle concentration. This compact device boasts a fully featured touch screen menu system with guided measurement capabilities, eliminating the need for extensive operator training. With a built-in data logger, PDF report creator, and USB interface, accessing recorded data for analysis and reporting has never been easier.

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